Laura Frare

I am interested in the mode of image making that recognizes and allows for the mind's movement toward association. My work emerges from a commitment to the daily practice of automatist drawing. I have dedicated myself to work within the aleatory process as a means to free my subconscious image making capabilities and to gain access to a more personal vocabulary of image making, and to express those ideas within a visual language.

Making recordings from all kinds of sources and playing a variety of analog and digital instruments. Capturing footage in single takes as often as possible, experimenting with stop motion animation techniques, creating miniature stage sets, as well as shooting from the physical world. Shooting imagery samples from the television screen, abstracting the found footage, either during the shooting phase or later in the editing phase. Cameras are very simple point and shoot, or iPhone video APPs, and editing techniques require very little post-production. Letting the simple process of pairing our sounds with the imagery guide the development of the final composition.
An awareness of time passing, observing the nature of stillness and movement, attraction to light and color, and the reflective qualities of waiting, watching, and listening re-occurs in many works.