Most influenced by the automatist drawings of the Surrealists and the Abstract Expressionists, I literally did thousands of daily drawings, which came out of a commitment to a solitary, diaristic practice. I started making videos and combining imagery with audio recordings when I was a graduate student in 2003. The growing accessibility of digital tools for making photographs and videos enabled me to experiment with digital media. My art making process, increasingly became more time-based.

In the recent four years, I have collaborated with a partner in a project called Blacklight Lighthouse. We make music and videos. Playing a variety of analog, electric and digital instruments, audio recordings, tape loops, and samples, using video imagery from various sources, we work in the collage mode, much like the surrealist’s game “exquisite corpse”. We have experimented in composing and playing live soundtracks for dance performance, and silent film screenings, played live improv. shows, and have done installations of our work in art galleries and museums.